TO GC Talk Series: Navigating the new DIFC Employment Law

The Oath GC Talk Series hosted a session on the salient features of the new DIFC Employment law and potential steps that employers should take to avoid penalties. The session on ‘Navigating the new DIFC Employment...


TO GC Talk Series: Understanding debt recovery in the UAE

A session by Afridi & Angell on the modalities of debt recovery and potential strategies to make the process more efficient. Debt recovery is often a frustrating process, particularly in a stressed economy. Corporate clients regularly...


TO GC Talk Series: Future-proofing your business in 2019

As the role of the general counsel grows in value within companies, they are increasingly called to effectively manage risk and drive strategic development within their organisations. The Oath GC Talk Series in association with Pinsent...


TO GC Talk Series: The GC’s role in shaping legislation

A session on how in-house counsel can effectively contribute to law-making mechanisms of a country. In the recent years, we have often heard of how general counsel need to be more like business leaders rather than...


TO GC Talk Series: Controlling Costs in Arbitration

A session on effectively managing costs in arbitration by Patrick Gearon of Charles Russell Speechlys.  It is often assumed that the costs involved in arbitration are comparatively lower than litigation. In spite of the popularity of this alternative...


Energy efficient

The law firm Akin Gump hosts reception alongside 2019 World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. On January 15, global law firm Akin Gump had the pleasure of organising and hosting a reception in Abu Dhabi...


GC Talk Series: Decoding the blockchain

In 2009, a person hiding behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, the first decentralised cryptocurrency operating without a central bank or authority. The true revolution seems to be in its underlying technology – the blockchain....


GC Talk Series: Doing business in Africa

A session on exploring trends, opportunities and risks in the Continent. Africa is a fertile market for the Gulf’s economic growth considering its untapped potential across various sectors. The Oath GC Talk Series session held on...


GC Talk Series: Interim Measures

A session on the forms of interim relief available before the UAE Courts by the law firm Horizons & Co. The utilisation of interim measures can be a highly effective tool in safeguarding the interests of many of clients....

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