New IP law firm in the Middle East

A new law firm, Deans IP, has launched in the Middle East. Conceived pre-COVID-19 and born into a different world, Deans IP is built with three words in mind: (i) Flexible: A desire to be truly client led, working to the differing needs of each client and adapting to the constantly changing region in which we operate; (ii) Effective: An approach which deals with simple issues efficiently, works through complex issues clearly, with the aim of delivering effective solutions; (iii) Experience: The knowledge and understanding which underpins the ability to be flexible and effective.

the-oath-october-2020-News-DeansThe founding principal of the firm is Rob Deans. Deans has practised as an intellectual property lawyer since 1994 and he has been in the Middle East since 2003. From a standing start in the UAE, Deans developed the IP practice at the largest international firm in the Middle East region to the point where the practice received more Top Tier rankings than any other firm during the past 10 years. However, it is time for change. Deans said, “The goal when I arrived in the Middle East was to build the best IP practice in the region. At the time, it was enough to deliver high quality work. However, while providing work of the highest quality is essential, this is no longer enough. The new firm provides a platform where the infrastructure is designed around our clients and their needs. This enables us to grow with and for our clients, by maintaining our focus where it should be – listening to our clients and delivering solutions that work for them.”
Deans IP is headquartered in the UAE, and its coverage extends across the Middle East. The firm undertakes a full range of intellectual property related work including (i) the prosecution of trademarks, patents and designs, (ii) litigation and enforcement of intellectual property rights, and (iii) the commercialisation of intellectual property rights.


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